David Gething won the World Marathon Challenge in January 2015, running seven marathons in seven continents in seven days, and set two new world records in the process.

David is an enthusiastic world traveller, adventurer and racer. Specialising in long-distance events, he has competed in numerous marathons including the famed Boston Marathon, Ironman triathlons (up to world-championship level) and multi-day European bicycle stage-races.

When he is not racing or training, David – a veterinary surgeon – runs a thriving veterinary practice in Hong Kong, and spends time with his wife and their two young daughters. Dr David, as he is fondly and respectfully known, holds both Australian and UK citizenship, but has spent the longest stretch of his life in Asia.

Relentless: Seven Marathons, Seven Days, Seven Continents, recounts the nail-biting, hyper-competitive race to the finish and what led him to the starting line.

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David Gething

Relentless book cover, by David Gething