Henry Lin spent most of his precocious young life involved with the international criminal underworld and by the age of 18 he had seen, and done, more than most have in a lifetime. But when he finds out that his grandfather was Chief of the Chinese secret service and was one of the five most powerful and well-connected men in China until his death three years ago, Henry discovers that he has descended from a kind of underworld aristocracy.

Henry was eventually incarcerated as a juvenile, and sentenced to eight years in one of toughest prisons in the USA. It was there that he discovered a writing workshop called The Beat Within, and learned to channel his theretofore misplaced energies into writing, slowly reflecting on his demons, and embarking on the road to redemption. His memoir, The 100-Pound Gangster, will be published in English in 2016 by Signal-8 Press.

Henry Lin