Intan Paramaditha is an Indonesian fiction writer and an academic based in Sydney. Her collection of short stories, Apple and Knife, was translated into English by Stephen J. Epstein and published in March 2018 by Brow Books. Her choose-your-own adventure novel, on travel and displacement, Gentayangan (The Wandering, 2017) was selected as Tempo Best Literary Work for Prose Fiction in 2017. Her short-story collection Sihir Perempuan (Black Magic Woman, 2005) was shortlisted for the Khatulistiwa Literary Award, and the collection Kumpulan Budak Setan (The Devil’s Slaves Club, 2010) was written in collaboration with Eka Kurniawan and Ugoran Prasad.

Apple & Knife and The Wandering will be published in English also by Harvill Secker.

Intan was the winner of Kompas Best Short Story Award in 2013. She holds a PhD from New York University and teaches Media and Film Studies at Macquarie University. For more about Intan Paramaditha visit


Intan Paramaditha (Photo: Ugoran Prasad)

Apple and Knife by Intan Paramaditha