Lee Eung-jun is a multi-talented and prolific young Korean author who debuted as a poet with nine poems including Awakening Visits of a Sudden in 1990; as a novelist with a short story, He Walked at the Speed of Reminiscence in 1994; and as a socio-cultural, political critic in 2013 for the Joongang Sunday and, two years later, for Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo, and Kyunghyang Sinmun.

His short film, Lemon Tree, which he wrote and directed, was invited to the New York Asian American International Film Festival and the Paris International Short Film Festival in 2008. His novel All About My Romance was adapted for 16-part television series in South Korea. He is the founder of a cultural anarchist organisation Munjang Jeonseon.

His dystopian novel The Private Life of a Nation, imagines Korea after reunification, and is currently on submission, with Italian rights sold to Atmosphere Libri.

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Lee Eung-jun