Xue Yiwei, born in China, grew up during the Cultural Revolution and has lived through the miraculous transformation of his motherland in the last quarter of the century. ‘A maverick of contemporary Chinese literature,’ to quote Ha Jin, Yiwei is the author of twenty acclaimed books in Chinese, including five novels, six collections of short stories and novellas, and six literary essays, some of which have been translated into English, French, Swedish, German and Italian.

The English version of Dr. Bethune’s Children, a novel banned in China, was released in 2017 and has since drawn international attention along with Shenzheners, dubbed the Dubliners of modern China.

Yiwei, who has a BA in Computer Science, an MA in English Literature and PhD in Linguistics, has lived in Montreal since 2002.

Xue Yiwei. Photo by Isabelle Lafontaine

Dr Bethune's Children by Xue Yiwei