Carlo Pizzati is a journalist and author of two novels, a collection of short stories and three works of non-fiction. He writes for La Stampa and The Hindu, et al, and has contributed to Vanity Fair, GQ, the AP, et al, and was at one point in his career a political talk-show host in Italy.

He has worked for over sixteen years for the Italian national daily newspaper La Repubblica, corresponding from New York, Rome, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Madrid. He’s covered Northern Ireland, guerrilla war in Colombia, the narcos business in the Andes, illegal immigrant smuggling in Mexico, civil rights battles in Chile, pro-environment militancy in the French atoll of Mururoa, and the GMO battle in Europe and the US.

Carlo, who lives with his wife near a fisherman’s village in India, teaches communication theory at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. His latest work of non-fiction to be published in English, Mappillai: An Italian Son-in-Law in India, has been described by William Dalrymple as: “A warm, witty and completely charming account of one man’s passionate love affair with the India which has taken over and utterly transformed his life.”

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Carlo Pizzati, photo Mia Murgese Mastroianni


Mappillai: An Italian son-in-law in India