Carolyn Taylor is one of the world’s foremost experts in organisational culture change and the Executive Chair of  Walking the Talk.

During her 30 years in the field, Carolyn has run workshops with well over 100,000 leaders, worked with more than 200 culture-change journeys, consulted on 15 mergers and acquisitions, coached 60 CEOs and worked in 35 countries. With this experience, she can certainly advise on what works and what doesn’t in terms of changing culture.

Her book, Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success (Random House) has been described by Professor Lynda Gratton of the London Business School as “a must read for any manager embarking on the journey of cultural change.” Recently revised in English and translated into Portuguese, the book is considered a corporate classic, with many organisations putting in bulk orders for their leaders and teams.

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Carolyn Taylor

Walking the Talk by Caroline Taylor