Vidya Krishnan is a multi-award winning independent journalist who has been reporting on India’s HIV and TB epidemics for the past two decades. Her work has been featured in the LA Times, the Atlantic, The Hindu, the British Medical Journal, Caravan magazine, et al.

Her awards include – amongst others – a global health journalism fellowship from Oxford University, a National Press Foundation fellowship and a global health media scholarship from McGill. She is currently at Harvard as a Neiman Fellow.

Vidya completed her MA in Critical Media and Cultural Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and has served as a consultant for the Indian Health Ministry’s think-tank, Public Health Foundation. In 2014, she wrote India’s National Health Profile for the India office of the World Health Organization, SEARO, and was until October 2018 The Hindu’s health and science editor.


Vidya Krishnan